Friday, January 23, 2009

Modern Architecture, Three Great Architects

Frank Lloyd Wright
Frank Lloyd Wright's Works

Rudolph Schindler
Some Photos of Schindler's Work

Richard Neutra
Some Examples of Neutra's Works

Thursday, January 15, 2009

Adjective or Present Participle?

It's an interesting movie. "interesting" is an adjective.
I'm watching it this afternoon. "watching" is a present participle.

Exercise One

Thursday, January 8, 2009

Dialogue Workout 51

A: I’m Doctor Harris. How have you been feeling?
B: Not too well, doctor. I have a bad cold.
A: How long have you had this cold?
B: For about three weeks now.
A: Have you had any fever or chills?
B: I’ve had a fever that comes and goes.
A: I have a couple of questions about your health history.
B: Sure. I’ll be glad to answer them.
A: Have you ever been hospitalized?
B: Yes, I was in the hospital three years ago.
A: For what reason?
B: I had an operation on my left knee.
A: Have you ever had a bad reaction to any drug?
B: Yes, I took penicillin last year and got a rash.
A: Do you have a history of heart disease in your family?
B: No one in my family has had heart disease.
A: Has anyone in your family had cancer?
B: As far as I know, no one has had cancer either.
A: Doctor, I’m not feeling very well.
B: What seems to be the problem?
A: I have a very bad headache.
B: Do you have it all the time or does it come and go?
A: I have it mostly at night and in the morning.
B: So, it goes away during the day?
A: What seems to be the trouble, Mrs. Jones?
B: I feel dizzy and nauseous.
A: How long have you been feeling dizzy and nauseous?
B: I have felt that way for the past three days.
A: Have you tried any over the counter medications?
B: Yes, I tried Pepto Bismol, but it didn’t work.
A: Doctor, my son hasn’t been feeling very well.
B: He hasn’t? What seems to be the matter?
A: He hasn’t been able to move his neck since Saturday.
B: What was he doing on Saturday?
A: He was playing soccer and he fell down.
B: I think it would be best for him to get an X-ray.
A: I’m a little concerned about your blood pressure.
B: Oh, really doctor? But, I’ve been feeling fine.
A: Still, I’m giving you blood pressure medication.
B: Do I really need this medicine? I feel fine.
A: It will lower your blood pressure to a normal level.
B: Are there any side effects with this medicine?
A: You might feel dizzy at first, but it will pass.
B: Is there anything else I can do for my blood pressure?
A: Yes, try to get some exercise every day.
B: What kind of exercise is the best?
A: Walking is good exercise. Swimming is good, too.
B: I already exercise every day, but I’ll try to do more.
A: Excuse me. Are you okay?
B: I think I just sprained my ankle.
A: Oh, no. Can I do anything to help? Should I call a doctor?
B: No, that’s okay. I think I’ll be all right.
A: Well, let me at least help you get on your feet.
B: Thanks very much. You’re very kind.
A: How are you feeling today, David?
B: Not very well, Dr. Harris. My neck still bothers me.
A: What seems to be the problem?
B: It’s very stiff. I can hardly move it.
A: How long has your neck been stiff?
B: It’s been stiff since the soccer game last Saturday.

Dialogue Workout 52

A: How is your knee feeling today Carol?
B: I’m afraid it’s still quite swollen, Doctor.
A: Let’s take a look. How long has it been swollen?
B: It’s been swollen for about a week.
A: Is it causing you any pain?
B: Yes, it is. It sometimes hurts quite a bit.
A: You should take an anti-inflammatory medication.
B: Which one do you recommend?
A: There are several anti-inflammatory medications. Anything with Ibuprofen is good.
B: I’ll check the labels in the pharmacy.
A: Yes, and I think you should ice the knee twice a day.
B: All right, doctor. Thanks for you help.
A: Dr. Harris looks exhausted. What’s the problem?
B: He’s been in the office since early this morning.
A: How many patients has he seen so far?
B: I think he’s already seen about eight patients.
A: That’s a lot of patients. No wonder he’s tired.
B: He has to see another ten patients before he’s done.
A: How long have your children had those little red spots?
B: They have had little red spots for the last 24 hours.
A: Those little red spots are all over their bodies.
B: I know. I’ve been rather worried about them.
A: It’s not serious. It looks like a case of the measles.
B: Measles. I’d better keep them home from school.
A: Would you like to make an appointment to see the doctor?
B: Yes, please. But only in the morning. I work in the afternoon.
A: Is 9:00 tomorrow morning convenient?
B: Yes, that’s fine. Do I need to bring anything?
A: Please bring your health insurance card with you.
B: All right. I’ll see you then.
A: Excuse me. Is it possible to change my appointment?
B: Yes. Was your appointment for today?
A: Yes, it was. I can’t come today. How about next week?
B: How is next Friday at 4:00 in the afternoon?
A: That’s fine. Thank you for changing it.
B: I will cancel today’s appointment.
A: I would like to make an appointment to see Dr. Harris.
B: The soonest I can give you three weeks from now.
A: I really need to see the doctor before that.
B: Well, if there is a cancellation, I can get you in sooner.
A: Okay. Will you notify me as soon as there’s a cancellation?
B: Yes, I will. The best I can do is put you on our list.
A: If this is an emergency, I can give you a referral.
B: Could you explain to me what a referral is?
A: A referral is another doctor with the same specialty.
B: That’s a good idea. I really would like to see a doctor.
A: You can try Doctor Randalls. I’ll give you her phone number.
B: Thanks very much for your help.
A: Have you ever seen Doctor Randalls before?
B: No, I haven’t. This is my first visit. Usually I see Dr. Harris.
A: Did Dr. Harris’s office refer you to us?
B: Yes, they did. Dr. Harris is pretty booked up this month.
A: Would you please fill out this form? It’s your medical history.
B: Sure, I’d be glad to. Do you have another pen? This one is out of ink.
A: Hello, Doctor Randalls. Dr. Harris referred me to you.
B: Yes, Doctor Harris is a good friend of mine.
A: I seem to have a problem with hiccups. They won’t go away.
B: I suggest you drink a glass of water when it happens.
A: Does that usually help the hiccups?
B: Yes, sometimes, it makes them go away. If not, call and make another appointment.

Dialogue Workout 53

A: Excuse me. Are you by any chance Tony Jeffers?
B: George Parker! I can’t believe it’s you.
A: It’s been a long time. How have you been?
B: Fine. I’ve been great. And how about you?
A: Everything is fine with me, too. It’s great seeing you.
B: So, tell me what’s been happening with you.
A: I’m married now. That’s the most important news..
B: Married? Fantastic. How long have you been married?
A: I’ve been married for two years now.
B: Two years? Do you have any children?
A: Yes, I have one daughter. She’s one year old.
B: Wow. A lot has changed in your life.
A: How about you? Do you still live on Capp Street?
B: No, I haven’t lived on Capp Street for several years.
A: Where do you live now? Give me your new address.
B: I live on Folsom Street. I live at 1324 Folsom Street.
A: I don’t have a pen. Can I borrow yours?
B: Write down my phone number too. It’s 824-7658.
A: Tell me, Tony. Are you still a house painter?
B: No, I haven’t been a house painter for a long time.
A: What do you do now?
B: I’ve been working as an electrician for seven years.
A: That’s good news. I was a waiter, but now I’m a chef.
B: That’s great. How long have you been a chef?
A: I’ve been a chef since they built the new restaurant.
B: Do you still sing in the church choir?
A: No. I haven’t sung in the church choir for a long time.
B: You used to have a fine singing voice.
A: Thank you. I still sing, but now I sing popular songs.
B: I used to go fishing on Saturdays, but I don’t anymore
A: Excuse me. Are you Judy Smith by any chance?
B: Sally Walters. I can’t believe I ran into you. How are you?
A: Fine, Judy. My goodness, I haven’t seen you in years.
B: I know, Sally. It’s been a very long time. How have you been?
A: I’ve been great. How about you? Everything okay?
B: Say, I haven’t had lunch yet. How about you?
A: What have you been doing since I last saw you?
B: I’ve been working very hard.
A: What kind of job do you have?
B: I’m a full time mother. I’ve been raising three kids.
A: Three kids? Wow, you really have been busy.
B: They’re a lot of work and a lot of fun.
A: Do you still play the violin?
B: I sometimes play the violin, but I’m very busy.
A: I know. Me too. I sometimes play the piano, but after work, I’m usually too tired.
B: Where do you work?
A: I’m a dental assistant. I work at Children’s Hospital.
B: How long have you been a dental assistant?
A: I’ve been a dental assistant for six years.
B: What did you do before that? I forget.
A: I worked in a clothing store and studied at night.
B: How is your husband, Joe? Is he still a mechanic?
A: Yes, he is. He has been fixing cars for years.
B: I haven’t seen him for a long time. Say “hi” for me.
A: Well, that was a nice lunch. I have to pick up my kids.
B: What school do they attend?
A: They attend Edison Elementary School. They really enjoy it.
B: My son has been in high school for two years.
A: Oh, he’s been a student for a long time.
B: Yes. And next year he plans to go to San Francisco State University.

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Dialogue Workout 54

A: I’m glad you suggested going out to dinner.
B: You are? Then, why are you acting so nervous?
A: To tell the truth, I always avoid going to fancy restaurants.
B: Why?
A: I never know what to order.
B: Don’t be nervous. I’ll help you out if you get stuck.
A: The waiter might speak too fast, and I won’t understand.
B: I’m sure you’ll do okay. Just take your time.
A: I’ve never been to anyplace like this before.
B: Don’t be afraid to ask questions.
A: But what if I can’t understand one word?
B: It’s okay to ask the waiter to repeat and talk slowly.
A: Good evening. Do you have reservations?
B: No, we don’t. We decided to go out at the last minute.
A: That’s all right. We aren’t very busy now. Just the two of you?
B: Yes, just the two of us. I’m glad we don’t have to wait.
A: Smoking or non smoking?
B: Non smoking, please. I hate to sit next to smokers while I’m eating.
A: My name is Mary. I’ll be your waitress for this evening.
Can I get you anything from the bar first?
B: Yes, I’d like a coke, and my friend will have the same.
A: Let me tell you about tonight’s specials. Our fish is red snapper. It’s cooked in a butter and garlic sauce.
B: Thank you for explaining, but I think we’ll order from the menu.
A: All right, here’s your menu. I’ll be back in a few minutes to take your order.
A: I’m not used to eating at fancy restaurants.
B: There certainly are a lot of things to choose from.
A: I can’t make up my mind. I’ll let you decide.
B: It’s a lot easier to order at MacDonalds.
A: I think I want the red snapper. But what is “a la carte?”
B: It means you only get the fish. The whole dinner comes with soup or salad.
A: I don’t want to rush you, but have you decided yet?
B: Yes, we have. I would like the red snapper.
A: Would you care for soup or salad with that?
B: I’ll have salad.
A: You have a choice of tossed green salad or spinach salad.
B: I’ll have a spinach salad with oil and vinegar dressing.
A: I just love this calamari. It’s delicious. How’s yours?
B: This red snapper is terrific. I’m going to recommend this restaurant to friends.
A: It was a lot easier than I thought it would be to order dinner.
B: You really did well, too. It gets easier every time.
A: However, I’m really full right now, and I didn’t finish.
B: We’ll have to get a “doggy bag” for the left overs.
A: A “doggy bag?” I’m not going to feed my dog this fancy stuff.
B: No, that’s just a name for it. They put your left overs in a box to take home.
A: Then, I can continue eating this fish for lunch.
B: That’s right. There’s no point letting this good food go to waste.
A: But I doubt that I have enough room for dessert.
B: I can’t eat dessert either. Maybe just a cup of coffee.
A: I like this restaurant. I’ve been here several times before.
B: So have I. The food has always been pretty good.
A: I wonder what is keeping our waiter. We’ve been waiting a long time.
B: Maybe you should politely remind the waiter that we are here.
A: Here comes the waiter now. What did we decide to order?
B: Oh, gee. I forget.
A: Waiter, I’m sorry. I can’t possibly eat this.
B: You can’t? Why not?
A: I don’t know. Something is wrong with it. It’s too salty.
B: Oh, I’m so sorry. I’ll get a replacement order.
A: That’s all right. I’ve decided I’m not really hungry.
B: Well, I’m really sorry. Have a good evening

Monday, January 5, 2009

Unreal Conditional

Here is a great video for putting a little real life into your Unreal Conditional practice.

Conditional Review

The following exercises will help you sharpen your understanding of the first and second conditional sentences:

Exercise One, Exercise Two, Exercise Three