Thursday, January 8, 2009

Dialogue Workout 52

A: How is your knee feeling today Carol?
B: I’m afraid it’s still quite swollen, Doctor.
A: Let’s take a look. How long has it been swollen?
B: It’s been swollen for about a week.
A: Is it causing you any pain?
B: Yes, it is. It sometimes hurts quite a bit.
A: You should take an anti-inflammatory medication.
B: Which one do you recommend?
A: There are several anti-inflammatory medications. Anything with Ibuprofen is good.
B: I’ll check the labels in the pharmacy.
A: Yes, and I think you should ice the knee twice a day.
B: All right, doctor. Thanks for you help.
A: Dr. Harris looks exhausted. What’s the problem?
B: He’s been in the office since early this morning.
A: How many patients has he seen so far?
B: I think he’s already seen about eight patients.
A: That’s a lot of patients. No wonder he’s tired.
B: He has to see another ten patients before he’s done.
A: How long have your children had those little red spots?
B: They have had little red spots for the last 24 hours.
A: Those little red spots are all over their bodies.
B: I know. I’ve been rather worried about them.
A: It’s not serious. It looks like a case of the measles.
B: Measles. I’d better keep them home from school.
A: Would you like to make an appointment to see the doctor?
B: Yes, please. But only in the morning. I work in the afternoon.
A: Is 9:00 tomorrow morning convenient?
B: Yes, that’s fine. Do I need to bring anything?
A: Please bring your health insurance card with you.
B: All right. I’ll see you then.
A: Excuse me. Is it possible to change my appointment?
B: Yes. Was your appointment for today?
A: Yes, it was. I can’t come today. How about next week?
B: How is next Friday at 4:00 in the afternoon?
A: That’s fine. Thank you for changing it.
B: I will cancel today’s appointment.
A: I would like to make an appointment to see Dr. Harris.
B: The soonest I can give you three weeks from now.
A: I really need to see the doctor before that.
B: Well, if there is a cancellation, I can get you in sooner.
A: Okay. Will you notify me as soon as there’s a cancellation?
B: Yes, I will. The best I can do is put you on our list.
A: If this is an emergency, I can give you a referral.
B: Could you explain to me what a referral is?
A: A referral is another doctor with the same specialty.
B: That’s a good idea. I really would like to see a doctor.
A: You can try Doctor Randalls. I’ll give you her phone number.
B: Thanks very much for your help.
A: Have you ever seen Doctor Randalls before?
B: No, I haven’t. This is my first visit. Usually I see Dr. Harris.
A: Did Dr. Harris’s office refer you to us?
B: Yes, they did. Dr. Harris is pretty booked up this month.
A: Would you please fill out this form? It’s your medical history.
B: Sure, I’d be glad to. Do you have another pen? This one is out of ink.
A: Hello, Doctor Randalls. Dr. Harris referred me to you.
B: Yes, Doctor Harris is a good friend of mine.
A: I seem to have a problem with hiccups. They won’t go away.
B: I suggest you drink a glass of water when it happens.
A: Does that usually help the hiccups?
B: Yes, sometimes, it makes them go away. If not, call and make another appointment.

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