Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Reported Speech Exercises

Reported Speech: Choose the correct answer
Reported Speech: Following Sequence of Tenses Rule, or "Backshift"
A very challenging reported speech exercise
Reported Speech for Simple Affirmative Statements
Reported Speech: Reporting Imperative Commands

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Compostion Assignment

Dear Level 7/8 Students,

Probably nothing makes life more worthwhile than friendship. Friends help us to understand ourselves. We say and do things with friends that are impossible when we're alone. I would like know who is important in your life. Who is your best friend? You may have a lot of friends, but I'd like you to write about just one friend. Who comes to mind as someone you feel a special connection with? Is it your wife, your husband, your boyfriend, or girlfriend? Or is it someone at work that you feel you can talk to? Or is it someone you like to do things with such as sports, going to movies, or eating out? Or is your closest friend a family member such as a brother, sister, mother, or father? Do you have someone in your life that you can really be honest with? Can you say anything that comes to your mind with this person? Maybe your closest friend isn't a human being, but an animal, a cat, a dog, or a horse. Maybe your closest friend is still in your country and you have to communicate by letter, by email, or by phone. Perhaps you'd rather write about a friend you had in childhood. That's okay too. Some children even have imaginary friends, not real people. Or perhaps your best friend is a spirit, a god, a tree, or a rock. Let your imagination go and have a good time writing your composition! Remember, that if you write something, it will probably appear in the New Mission Journal, our online magazine. Then, your friend, wherever he or she may be, will have the opportunity to read it.