Saturday, February 6, 2010

Tag Questions

Write tag questions after the following statements:

1. He's a student,

2. The students are studying tag questions now,

3. We're going to do another grammar exercise tomorrow,

4. The painters can't work this weekend,

5. Daniel has already applied for the manager job,

6. Maria was in class last Thursday,

7. The new computer will be ready to use in March,

8. The voters are anxious about high unemployment,

9. The lessons haven't been too difficult so far,

10. Steven had to leave class early today,

11. I shouldn't drive so fast,

12. We didn't read this VOA article last week,

13. Jose hasn't written a story for the New Mission Journal yet,

14. I'm registered in this class,

15. You were working on the project when I called,

16. The substitute, Mr. Parker, couldn't find the right classroom,

17. She goes shopping every day,

18. He's been studying English for a long time,

19. Mateo is a good student,

20. She plays the piano well,

21. You played tennis yesterday,

22. The traffic is heavy at rush hour,

23. You always buy your clothes at the department store,

24. They go for a walk in the park on Sunday,

25. You'll be back before noon,

26. You've bought the book for the class,

27. They're very old friends,

28. It takes more than an hour to get there,

29. The bus stops at this corner,

30. They won't be traveling in March,

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