Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Passive Voice - Links to Tutorials and Exercises

Purdue University's Passive Voice Tutorial
A good explanation of the Passive Voice in Wikipedia
Changing Passive to Active, from
Passive Voice Tutorial with examples and exercises
Writing exercise using the passive past: was/were plus third form participle
Writing exercise using the passive, present perfect: have/has been plus third form participle.
Choose: Active Voice? or Passive Voice?
Piglet is adopted by a mother dog.

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Grammartalk 15, Page 1

A: Sally was very late to work yesterday. She shouldn't have been so late.
B: I know. She went to a party last night, didn't she?
A: Yes, she did. She was smiling when she came home. She must have had a good time.
B: But she really shouldn't have gone to that late night party.
A: Right. It would have been better if she stayed home.
B: I'll say. Also, she should have gotten up much earlier.

A: Jack's car broke down this morning.
B: I'm surprised to hear that. Jack has a new car.
A: Well, as a matter of fact, he ran out of gas.
B: It's easy to see what he should have done.
A: He should have filled up the tank before he left.
B: Exactly. He should have paid closer attention to the gas gauge.

A: Marvin failed his Spanish test last week.
B: He shouldn't have spoken only English with his classmates.
A: Right, and he rarely attended class. He only went to school when he felt like it.
B: Not only did he skip class frequently, but when he attended, he nodded off.
A: Oh, no. He definitely shouldn't have slept in class.

A: Maria is unhappy in her marriage. What went wrong?
B: She and Jerry rushed into marriage. They got married after going together for only one week.
A: They should have waited longer before deciding to tie the knot.
B: I heard that they started to fight over every little thing.
A: They shouldn't have fought so much. They should have tried to understand each other better.

A: Barry didn't do as well as he should have at his job interview.
B: Yes. He should have gotten that job. He's very well qualified..
A: What should Barry have done differently?
B: For one thing, he should have spoken more confidently.
A: His clothes were too flashy. They weren't conservative enough.
B: He should have dressed more conservatively.
A: She should have arrived on time for his appointment.

A: Barry asked a lot of questions about paid vacations.
B: He shouldn't have brought that subject up at the job interview.
A: He ate his lunch during the interview. That was pretty inappropriate.
B: Not only that, he spilled mayonnaise on the carpet. He shouldn't have eaten a turkey sandwich.
A: He should have left that terrible tie at home. It clashed with his other clothes.
B: It is a loud yellow tie.

Grammartalk 15, Page 2

A: My shoes are too new. Even though I wore thick socks, I got blisters.
B: You should only wear new shoes an hour a day until they're broken in.
A: I might not have bought the right size. Different brands vary in size.
B: You should have walked around in the store to check them out.
A: Right. I shouldn't have been in such a hurry to buy them.
B: You shouldn't have worn your new shoes all day. You're bound to have blisters if you do.

A: Mary's computer crashed this morning. She lost all her documents.
B: That's terrible. Were her files backed up?
A: I'm afraid not. She found a company that promised they would retrieve some of them, but not all of them.
A: It's easy to see what she should have done.
B: She should have saved her files on a disk or on a CD.
A: Exactly. It would have spared her a lot of grief.

A: Marvin forgot his wife's birthday again last week.
B: He shouldn't have forgotten it. That was a big mistake. Was his wife upset?
A: She was no where to be found the next day. She must have gone to her sister's house.
B: Marvin should have circled the date on his calendar to remind himself.
A: Not only did he forget her birthday, he also failed to remember their tenth anniversary.
B: Oh, no. He definitely shouldn't have let that one slip his mind.

A: Sophia is unhappy in her job. Do you know what the problem is?
B: Her employer made her work two extra hours everyday last week without paying her more.
A: She should have gotten overtime pay. Why didn't she?
B: I don't know. She could have spoken to her union representative about it, but she didn't.
A: She must have been afraid to offend her employer, but come on, fair is fair.
B: She accepted that position a little too quickly. With her qualifications and experience, I think she could have done better.

A: Vicky's a great tennis player, but she really played badly yesterday.
B: She lost the tournament, but she should have won.
A: She should have practiced more.
B: Also, she should have done more warm up exercises before the match. And she went to a party the night before and drank too much.
A: She shouldn't have had alcohol the day before that important game.
B: She should have avoided parties until after the tournament.

A: Boy, I'm really cold. It's freezing today.
B: You shouldn't have worn that short sleeve shirt.
A: I know. I should have put on a warm sweater.
B: You shouldn't have walked to school in this weather. You might have caught a cold.
A: I should have taken the bus. It's much warmer inside the bus.
B: You shouldn't have even thought about wearing sandals. Your toes must feel like ice.

Modal Plus Present Perfect Links

Modal Plus Present Perfect Chart
Modal Plus Present Perfect Test

Grammartalk 15, Page 3

A: I can't find Charlie's Restaurant in the phone book. It used to be so popular.
B: He must have gone out of business. I'm not surprised. The quality has been going downhill in recent years.
A: The chef he had working for him was top notch. The food was really exceptional.
B: That chef must have quit. He might have found a higher paying restaurant.
A: It's really a shame. Charlie's Restaurant was one of the best places for seafood in town.
B: We must have eaten there more than fifty times, but that's a rough guess.

A: I'm really frustrated. EVery time I call this number, I get their voice mail.
B: It's twelve thirty. They must have gone out to lunch. What's the problem?
A: I'm having trouble with this new printer. I'm trying to get some advice from technical support.
B: The power light isn't on. You must not have plugged it in.
A: My God. How could I have forgotten to plug it in? That's what's wrong, of course.
B: Try plugging it in and see if that solves your problem. If not, you might have to take your printer back to the place you bought it.

A: How is the investigation proceeding, Detective Polumbo? Are you any closer to solving the mystery?
B: I have several important clues. You see those muddy footprints? They must have been left by the killer.
A: That's unlikely, sir. Look at your own shoes. You must have tracked mud in here yourself.
B: Hmmm. You're right. These prints are exactly my shoe size.
A: Any other important clues to report?
B: I just analyzed the bullet wound. It must have been caused by a Smith and Wesson revolver.
A: That's exactly the kind of revolver you're carrying. You must be the murderer!!

A: Do you know where my reading glasses are? I thought I left them on the bookshelf.
B: I saw them on your briefcase next to the kitchen table.
A: I must have used them to read the morning paper. Then, I must have just set them on the briefcase absentmindedly.
B: Be careful where you leave your glasses. Some day, you might lose them.
A: Do you have any idea where my briefcase is? I must have searched everywhere for it.
B: I think it's in the kitchen. Don't you remember? I just told you that your glasses are sitting on it.

A: You're very tired today, aren't you? You must not have slept very well last night.
B: Every morning, I get up at five. That means I have to be in bed asleep no later than ten.
A: So you must have gone to bed too late. When did you fall asleep?
B: I didn't fall asleep until around two in the morning. I was too nervous to sleep.
A: I know. You're a fan of horror movies. You must have seen a really scary movie on TV before you went to bed last night. Right or Wrong?
B: You guessed it. I saw "Night of The Serial Killers." It was one of the worst movies I've ever seen. And it scared the daylights out of me.

A: Judy has been smiling all day long, and she hasn't been concentrating on her work.
B: She must have had a good time on her date last night. She went out with Jeff Hoyle again.
A: But she has gone out with Jeff Hoyle before. She has never been this happy the next day.
B: I think he finally must have proposed to her. That's why she's acting so distracted.
A: Is that why she keeps looking at that ring on her finger instead of typing reports?
B: It's definitely an engagement ring. The diamond is huge. It must have cost a fortune.