Wednesday, June 22, 2011

7/8 Listening Test One

"Still Life Volutous" by Cubist Painter, Jay Myers
The teacher will supply the test booklet and the Scantron card for this test. Please, don't write on the test booklet. Write on the Scantron card only. Choose one answer, marking a, b, c, or d, whichever you think is correct. If you want to change an answer, erase the first one completely. When you're finished, return the test booklet and the Scantron card to the teacher. The teacher will correct your Scantron card and give you your results.

Structure Practice. Here is a very good practice exam for TOEFL preparation. You have to choose the correct answer in some questions. Or, your ability to spot mistakes in grammar is tested. This is a timed exam, you have 20 mintues to complete the test. Click on the answer you think is correct, then click "next" and "confirm" to go to the next question. Try it.

TOEFL Structure Practice
TOEFL Vocabulary Test
TOEFL iBT Website


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