Thursday, October 29, 2009

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Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Grammartalk 11, Page 1 - Future, Real Conditional

"Tulip" by Georgia O'Keefe

A: How will you get to work tomorrow?
B: If it rains, I’ll drive my car.
A: What if it doesn’t rain?
B: If it doesn’t rain, I’ll walk to work.
A: If it’s sunny, I’ll eat my lunch outside.
B: I’ll have my lunch on the grass if it’s nice out.
A: What are we having for dinner tonight?
B: If we’re hungry, we’ll have a full course meal.
A: What if we’re not very hungry?
B: We’ll just have some soup if we’re not too hungry.
A: If I’m not tired, I’ll cook dinner tonight.
B: Let’s go to a restaurant if we’re too tired to cook.
A: What’s the matter with Fred? Is he sick?
B: Yes, he is. But, he’s getting over it slowly.
A: Will he be at work if he feels better tomorrow?
B: Yes, but if he doesn’t feel better, he’ll stay home and rest another day.
A: If he stays home, he won’t finish the report.
B: He won’t get a raise unless he finishes it on time.
A: Should I buy a car? I can’t decide.
B: If you buy a car, you’ll have to spend a lot of money.
A: If I spend too much, I won’t have enough to pay the rent.
B: If you’re short of cash, I’ll lend you a hundred dollars.
A: If you lend me money, I’ll pay you back soon.
B: I think you’d better not buy that car.
A: Maybe we shouldn’t move to New York.
B: If you move there, you’ll be far away from your grandchildren.
A: If we don’t see them very often, we’ll be sad.
B: If you miss them too much, you’ll fly to San Francisco a lot.
A: If we fly a lot, we’ll spend too much for plane fare.
B: You probably shouldn’t move to New York.
A: Would you like to go to the beach with me?
B: If I go to the beach, I might get a sunburn.
A: You won’t get a sunburn if you use sun screen.
B: If I get a sunburn, it will itch a lot.
A: Your sunburn won’t itch because you won’t get one.
B: If we go to the beach, do we have to swim?
A: Careful, put on your safety glasses.
B: I’ll wear them if you really think they’re necessary.
A: If you don’t wear them, you might hurt your eyes.
B: Okay, I’ll put them on right away if you insist.
A: If you are careful on the job, you won’t get hurt.
B: If I wear my safety glasses, I’ll feel safer.
A: Unless you stop smoking, you’ll start a fire here.
B: Why will I start a fire if I smoke a cigarette?
A: There are inflammable chemicals all around us.
B: Oh, I didn’t know. I’ll put it out right away.
A: If the boss see you smoking, he’ll have a fit.
B: Okay, I won’t smoke anymore on the job.
A: You know, you shouldn’t drive so fast.
B: If I don’t drive fast, I won’t be on time to work.
A: But you might have an accident if you don’t slow down.
B: If I’m not on time to work, I might lose my job.
A: If you speed, you could get a ticket.
B: Okay, you’re right. I’ll try to drive a little slower.
A: If Jose works overtime, he’ll make more money.
B: But if he works too much, he’ll be very tired.
A: He can buy a house if he saves enough money.
B: He might find a better job if he looks around.
A: Yes. He has a lot of ability.
B: However, if he looks for a new job, he might not find one.

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Grammartalk 17. Embedded (included) Questions.

"Studio with Plaster Head" by Pablo Picasso

A: I'm trying to find the man who robbed the bank. Can you tell me what he looks like?
B: I'm sorry. I don't know what he looks like. I didn't see his face.
A: Did you see his car? Do you remember the color of the car and the make?
B: I believe it was a Ford, but I'm not sure what color it was. It might have been blue.
A: I would be really helpful if you knew the license number of the car.
B: No. I definitely couldn't tell you what the license number was.

A: I don't know much about our parents' lives before we were born. Do you?
B: I'm only two years older than you. I don't know much about them either.
A: Do you by any chance know when they were married?
B: I have no idea when they were married. It might have been fifteen years ago or even 20 years ago.
A: Do you know where they lived before they moved to Newport?
B: They told me once, but I forgot where they used to live. It might have been New York City, but I'm not sure.

A: Alan Fisher is doing a great job for the company. How long has he worked here?
B: You know, I have no idea how long he's been working here.
A: Has he always worked at that desk? Or, has he worked at another desk?
B: I'm not sure if he's always worked at that desk or not. He might have worked at the one next to the water cooler.
A: Did he use to bring his lunch to work or has he always gone to the corner for lunch?
B: Steve Parker can tell you if Allan has always eaten lunch at the restaurant on the corner or not. Why don't you ask Steve?

A: Could you please tell me what time the concert begins?
B: I believe it begins at 8:00 PM, but I'm not sure when it ends.
A: Do you happen to know if there is parking near the concert hall?
B: You can park in the garage, but it's quite expensive. If I were you, I'd arrive early and try to find a parking space on the street.
A: Is there a good restaurant near the concert hall?
B: I don't know if there are any good restaurants nearby or not. I've never been to a restaurant in that neighborhood.

A: I'm calling about the apartment at 379 Sanchez Street. Can you tell me if it's been rented or not?
B: Not yet. But a lot of people have called. Would you like to see it?
A: I'd like to ask you a couple of questions first, if that's okay.
B: Sure. I don't know if I can answer all your questions, but I'll do my best.
A: I understand it's a fourth floor apartment. I'd like to know if there are any elevators.
B: Yes, in fact, the building has two elevators. But I believe one of them is broken.
A: Do you know if the apartment has a modern kitchen?
B: I'm pretty sure the kitchen is modern. There's a problem with the garbage disposal, but they're going to fix it next week.

A: Grandma, when did you learn to knit?
B: I can't remember when I learned to knit. It was a long time ago.
A: Why doesn't mother like to knit?
B: I don't know why she doesn't like to knit. You'll have to ask her.
A: Grandma, I've been thinking. Why do elephants have long ears?
B: I have no idea why elephants have long ears. You'll have to consult the encyclopedia.