Thursday, January 21, 2010

Present Perfect Tense: Writing Practice

"Animals" by Oaxacan artist, Rufino Tamayo

Change the following sentences to the Present Perfect Tense. Use the
the time indicated in the parenthesis.

1. I'm interested in Computer Science. (I moved to the United States)

2. I'm in school. (three years.)

3. Joan owns a personal computer. (2007)

4. My relatives live in New York. (many years)

5. Our school has a language lab. (two years)

6. Lisa shops at Safeway. (she started working on Mission Street)

7. Tom knows how to play the guitar. (he was a child)

8. My brother is married. (twenty-five years)

9. She's excited about attending City College. (she heard about our programs)

10. He exercises in the park (a long time)

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