Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Using Reported Speech.

"Acrobat on a Ball", by Pablo Picasso

Change the following direct quotes to reported speech. Follow the "Sequence of Tenses" rule.

1. She said, "I watch TV everyday."

2. Bob said, "I will help you."

3. Jennifer asked, "What do you want?"

4. Sid asked, "Are you hungry"

5. Bruce said, "I'm going to move to Ohio."

6. Connie asked, "Did you enjoy your trip?"

7. Dick asked, "What are you talking about?"

8. Nancy asked, "Have you seen my grammar book?"

9. Susan said, "I don't want to go with you."

10. David asked, "Can you come to my party?"

11. Mike said, "I may be late. I have a lot to do."

12. My daughter often asked, "Why is the sky blue?"

13. My mother asked, "Why are you so tired?"

14. "I will come to the meeting," Juan said.

15. "The sun rises in the East," Mr. Ross explained.

16. She said, "I need a vacation."

17. Mr. Clark asked me, "Where are you going?"

18. She asked me, "When will you get back from your trip?"

19. He asked me, "Does it take longer to go there by bus?"

20. Our son said to us, "Please, send me more money right away."

21. He asked us, "Please, sit down for a few minutes."

22. The police officer said to me, "Don't make so much noise."

23. The teacher said to us, "Don't expect to learn English in one year."

24. My doctor said to me, "Don't worry about your blood test."

25. Mario said, "I can't understand the teacher."

26. Sally said, "I must leave class early today."

27. Steve said, "I'm sorry I haven't been in class."

28. "Where did the teacher go yesterday?" Maria asked.

29. "Have your students all been registered?" Lisa asked me.

Monday, December 7, 2009

Making questions with "recently" and "lately".

"Back Seat Dodge ’38,” by Edward Kienholz

Use the following words to make yes/no questions in the
Present Perfect Tense.

1. write to your family lately

2. go to the library recently.

3. go to the zoo lately.

4. see any good movies lately.

5. receive any letters lately.

6. be absent lately.

7. have a job interview lately.

8. read any good books recently.

9. make any long-distance calls lately.

10. take any tests recently.

11. visit your aunt lately.

12. be on any trips recently.

13. eat any tasty desserts recently.

14. find any good restaurants recently.

15. plant any new flowers in your garden recently.

Saturday, December 5, 2009

Answer the question "How Long". Use the Present Perfect.

"A Bowl of Grapes" by Georges Braque, 1926

1. How long have you known each other? (three years)

2. How long has your sister had a headache? (this morning)

3. How long have Mr. and Mrs. Gonzales been married? (2005)

4. How long has Mrs. Bennet been a guidance counselor? (nineteen years)

5. How long have you owned that car? (three and a half years)

6. How long has Steven owned his house? (2008)

7. How long have you been interested in biotechnology? (many years)

8. How long have there been satellites in space? (1957)

9. How long have there been mice in your attic? (I moved here)

10. How long has Maria been interested in photography? (she studied it in college)

11. How long has Louise been the manager of the store? (several years)

Thursday, December 3, 2009

Use the "Present Perfect Tense" to fill the blanks.

"Woman With Guitar" by Cubist George Braque

1. Tom (always/dream) of going to graduate school.

2. Roberto (study) at two different language schools.

3. He (be) in San Francisco for only a short time.

4. (he/find) many new friends yet?

5. He (meet) many new friends at Mission Campus of City College.

6. (he/discover) any useful ways to learn English?

7. Well, he (always/enjoy) American and English movies.

8. However, he (not/see) many movies in English.

9. He (always/sing) songs in English. He likes the Beatles.

10. He (translate) ten French songs into English this year.

11. Sylvia (love) music in any language since she was a child.

12. (she/ever/go) to a concert?

13. (she/go) to more than 20 concerts since the fall.

14. (she/not/attend) an opera in English yet.