Thursday, December 3, 2009

Use the "Present Perfect Tense" to fill the blanks.

"Woman With Guitar" by Cubist George Braque

1. Tom (always/dream) of going to graduate school.

2. Roberto (study) at two different language schools.

3. He (be) in San Francisco for only a short time.

4. (he/find) many new friends yet?

5. He (meet) many new friends at Mission Campus of City College.

6. (he/discover) any useful ways to learn English?

7. Well, he (always/enjoy) American and English movies.

8. However, he (not/see) many movies in English.

9. He (always/sing) songs in English. He likes the Beatles.

10. He (translate) ten French songs into English this year.

11. Sylvia (love) music in any language since she was a child.

12. (she/ever/go) to a concert?

13. (she/go) to more than 20 concerts since the fall.

14. (she/not/attend) an opera in English yet.


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  3. You are doing a wonderful job to make the people practice English. Thank you so much for sharing about present perfect tense exercise.

  4. Am always confusing with present perfect and present perfect continuous and i really don,t know what do to understand better. is there any one who can help please?

  5. i have been trying so much but i can't that why i prefer help from if any guide line?