Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Making Questions in Present Perfect.

Sir John Everett Millais - "The Minuet" 1866.

Suppose you hear the following the statements in the present tense. Ask the person "How long?"

1. My brother is in college.

2. Barack Obama is the president of the United States.

3. Maria has a driver's license.

4. I study English.

5. My parents live in San Francisco.

6. They know the teacher.

7. There are satellites in space.

8. My sister lives in an apartment on Guerrero Street.

9. I work at A.B.C. Company.

10. My brother is interested in computer science.

11. She knows how to dance the minuet.

Conversation Practice: Grammartalk Seven, Page One, Present Perfect Tense

Jennifer ESL - Present Perfect, Lesson 6a

Sunday, January 24, 2010

Make negative and affirmative sentences with "yet" and "already".

        "Design in Nature" by Max Ernst, 1947

Answer in complete sentences. Use contractions and pronouns whenever possible.

Would you like to drive around the campus?
No, thanks.

Would you care to see the new language lab?
Yes,I would.

Would you like to choose an English class?

Would you like to make an appointment with the foreign student advisor?
Yes,I would.

Would you like to read the student handbook?

Would you like to meet the instructor?
Yes, I would.

Would you like to speak to the instructor after class?
Yes, I would.

How about going to the bookstore?

Would you like to buy a dictionary?
Good idea.

Would you like to do the homework with me?

Jennifer ESL - Present Perfect, Lesson 6b

Thursday, January 21, 2010

Present Perfect Tense: Writing Practice

"Animals" by Oaxacan artist, Rufino Tamayo

Change the following sentences to the Present Perfect Tense. Use the
the time indicated in the parenthesis.

1. I'm interested in Computer Science. (I moved to the United States)

2. I'm in school. (three years.)

3. Joan owns a personal computer. (2007)

4. My relatives live in New York. (many years)

5. Our school has a language lab. (two years)

6. Lisa shops at Safeway. (she started working on Mission Street)

7. Tom knows how to play the guitar. (he was a child)

8. My brother is married. (twenty-five years)

9. She's excited about attending City College. (she heard about our programs)

10. He exercises in the park (a long time)

Saturday, January 16, 2010

Links to Randall's Listening Lab

Berry Falls at Big Basin State Park, California

1. What school supplies are useful? Listen to this short segment, and take the quiz. "School Supplies"

2. Understanding "The Airport".

3. There are a lot of computers to choose from. "Buying a Computer".

4. What to consider when you're renting. "Great Apartment Living".

5. What are the words you use when you are seeking "Medical Advice?"

6. Rules of the road. Rule one: You need a "Driver's License."