Thursday, April 1, 2010

Using the Past Perfect Tense.

"Still Life with Musical Instruments"
Georges Braque, 1908

Combine Two Sentences To Make One.

1. I got to the bank. It closed.

2. He went to Canada. He read several books about it.

3. I arrived at the party. The food was eaten.

4. Jack called for an interview. He wrote his resume.

5. Jane got to the concert. It already started.

6. He arrived at the airport. He realized he forgot his passport.

7. She decided to buy one. She looked at a lot of dresses.

8. Aaron got hired. He went on a lot of interviews.

9. We ate at the cafeteria. We went to class.

10. Maria fed the cat. She called her mother.

11.I woke up this morning. My roommate already left.

12. Sam knew Paris very well. He visited the city several times.

13. I didn't know how to cook salmon. I never cooked it.

14. Mary moved to Istanbul. Bill already bought a house there.

15. You were hired by the company. I already got a raise.

16. I didn't go dancing last night. I went dancing the night before.

17. I arrived at the meeting. It already ended.

18. Shiela didn't attend the conference. She went to one the previous weekend.

19. Tom served his guests. He realized he forgot to set the table.

20. Maria went out on a date. She realized she didn't comb her hair.

21. My suit was ready. I gained some weight.

22. He won the chess match. He practiced for years.

23. Patricia passed the English exam. She studied for a long time.

24. I arrived at the lake. The ice melted.

25. I started watching the TV show. I realized I already saw it.

26. Tom had a good interview. He prepared for it.

27. They packed their suitcases. They took a taxi to the airport.

28. They were afraid they forgot something. They packed so quickly.

29. The party ended. She met many new friends.

30. The students finished the exercises. They understood the grammer.