Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Logical Deduction from Past Events.

"Summer House, Backyard" by Marc Chagall, 1918

Use "must have + past participle" to make a logical deduction about an event in the past. For example, "I have a stomachache. I must have eaten something bad.

Write the following sentences. Use the cue in the drop down menu to complete your sentence. Check your answer by clicking on the arrows to open the drop down menu.

1. Paul came late to work today.

2. I have a bad stomachache

3. Maria skipped dessert at the restaurant last night.

4. My neighbor yelled at me this morning.

5. You talked in your sleep last night.

6. Margaret looks tired.

7. Gary drove through a red light this morning.

8. Mr. Parker's front door was wide open all day.

9. The streets were very wet this morning.

10. The teacher's shoelaces are untied.

11. Jim and Marlene have been spending a lot of time together.

12. Arnold just left the boss's office. Arnold has a smile on his face.

13. The birds ate all the blackberries in our backyard.

14. Lily and Arthur left the movie after only fifteen minutes.

15. Yesterday, the flowers were small. Today they're very large.

16. Several students aren't taking the final exam today.

17. Milly won't wear her nice yellow dress today.

18. Wally and Sue are walking in the rain without their umbrellas.

19. I called you yesterday, but no one answered the phone.

20. Wilma got out of the swimming pool and she looked exhausted.

21. It's three thirty and Angela's kids aren't at school

22. The operation is over and the doctor looks quite calm and satisfied.

23. Josephina was accepted at many colleges.

24. Andy had the flu for a couple of weeks. Now, he's back at work.

25. Johnny was playing baseball outside. Now, there's a broken window, and a ball on the living room floor.

26. Rudy is posting pictures of his dog Fido on telephone poles.

27. Dorothy's car isn't parked in the usual place.

28. Yesterday, the front steps were dirty. Now they're very clean.

29. Edward's dishes were on the counter last night. This morning, they're all on the shelves.

30. My backyard was dry last night. This morning, it was very wet.