Sunday, September 26, 2010

Grammartalk 10HB, Page 1 - Prepositions of Place and Time

"Women in the Garden" Claude Monet, 1866

A: Where do you live?
B: I live on Valencia Street. It’s in the Mission District.
A: Do you live near 16th Street?
B: Not too far. I live between 20th and 21st Streets.
A: Where do you attend English class?
B: I attend English class at Mission Campus

A: How can I find your apartment?
B: It’s on the top floor. I live in Number 31.
A: Is there an elevator in the building?
B: Yes, there is. My apartment is on the right as you leave the elevator.
A: How long have you lived in San Francisco?
B: I’ve lived here for six years.

A: How long did you live in Mexico City?
B: I lived there for sixteen years. I moved in 1995.
A: How long have you studied at Mission Campus?
B: I’ve studied English at Mission Campus for two semesters.
A: Are you interested in the computer classes also?
B: Yes, I’m also interested in the computer classes.

A: Where is Mission Campus located?
B: It’s at 106 Bartlett Street.
A: Is it near 22nd Street?
B: Yes, it is. It’s on the corner of Bartlett and 22nd.
A: When is the first class at Mission Campus?
B: The first class begins at 8:30 am.

A: Could you tell me where the canned soup is?
B: It’s in aisle 3 on the second shelf.
A: Could you tell me where the potatoes are?
B: You’ll find them in the middle of aisle 4, on the bottom shelf.
A: I’m looking for disposable diapers. Where are they?
B: There aren’t any diapers in this store. You’ll find them at Walgreens. It’s on Mission Street.

A: Do you live on Mission Street?
B: No, I don’t. I live on Noe Street.
A: Do you live on the top of the hill?
B: No, I don’t. I live on the bottom of the hill.
A: Is there a patio in back of your house?
B: No, there isn’t. But there’s a small garden in front of my house.

A: Could you tell me how to get to Mission Campus?
B: Certainly. Walk up Mission Street to 22nd.
A: This is 18th. Is 22nd four blocks from here?
B: That’s right. Turn right on 22nd. Walk along 22nd.
A: Ok. I turn right on 22nd and walk along 22nd.
B: Yes. You’ll see Mission Campus on the left, at the corner of Bartlett and 22nd.

A: Can you tell me how to get to the post office?
B: Sure. Walk along 22nd Street to South Van Ness.
A: Let’s see. Walk along 22nd Street to South Van Ness. Is that what you said?
B: Yes. When you reach South Van Ness, turn right.
A: So I turn right on South Van Ness.
B: Yes. Walk up South Van Ness, and you’ll see the
post office on the right, at the corner of South Van Ness and 23rd.

A: I’m trying to reach Mr. Parker. Is he at home?
B: No, he isn’t at home right now. He’s at school.
A: I tried to reach him at school, but I couldn’t.
B: You couldn’t reach him at school? He must be at work.
A: No, I tried to get him at work. He wasn’t there.
B: That’s right. He’s at the laundromat. I forgot.

A: You can buy the book for this class at the bookstore.
B: Could you tell me where the bookstore is?
A: Yes, it’s on the first floor.
B: Is it near the entrance of the building?
A: Yes. As you enter the building, you’ll see it on the left.
B: Okay. As I enter the building, it’ll be on my left.


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