Friday, September 10, 2010

Grammartalk 16, Page 2 - Present, Unreal Conditional

"Portrait of Mary Cassatt" by Edgar Degas, 1880-1884

A: If I weren't really hungry right now, I wouldn't eat this pizza.
S: I wouldn't eat the whole thing if I were you. If you eat that pizza, you might get sick.
A: I wouldn't get sick unless I ate two extra large pizzas. This one is just a medium.
S: If it didn't have all that sausage and pepperoni on it, it would be healthier.
A: Thanks for your advice, but I really don't think I'll be any the worse for having eaten it. S: If I were you, I would eat less pizza and more fruits and vegetables.
A: If I had some beer right now, this pizza would taste a million times better.

A: My work schedule has been changed. If I had the same schedule as before, I could attend class.
B: Many students have the same problem. If employers understood the importance of learning English, they wouldn't make it impossible for students to go to school.
A: If I didn't have to make a living, I wouldn't let my job stand in the way of my education.
S: The teacher understands your situation. He will welcome you back when you're able to attend school again.
A: If I didn't have to miss so many classes, I would be able to progress to the next level.
B: You would be exposed to more English if you had to speak it at your work place.

A: Would you like to go swimming at the pool this weekend?
S: I don't know how to swim. If I knew how to swim, I'd like nothing better than to go swimming.
A: Professor Hopkins is giving a lecture on modern painting tomorrow night. How about going with me? S: Thanks for asking, but I don't really enjoy modern painting. If I appreciated it more, I'd really like to attend that lecture.
A: Let's not stay home and watch TV tonight. There really isn't much on. Let's go to the movies instead.
B: Unfortunately, I saw the Entertainment Section today. There are no movies I'm especially interested in. If there were an interesting movie, I'd certainly like to go and see it.

A: Mr. Atkins, I'd like to talk to you about your orchard. You have far too many apple trees in it.
S: Thanks. I think so too. If I didn't have such a large orchard, I wouldn't have so many apple trees.
A: And if you didn't have so many apples, you'd be able to sell them all and make more money.
S: If more people came to the farmer's market, I'd sell a larger quantity of apples.
A: You should sell some of your orchard to a developer. He could build some nice houses.
B: No way. If I sold my land to a developer, I would have too many noisy neighbors.

A: I wish I weren't so busy. If I weren't so busy, I would be able to take a break once in a while.
S: You don't relax enough. If you relaxed more and didn't drink so much coffee, you'd feel a lot calmer.
A: I like to stay busy. When I'm real busy, I don't have time to worry about my problems.
B: You shouldn't run around like a chicken with its head cut off. If I were you, I'd stay home and read instead of going to another party.
A: If I were twenty-five, I wouldn't worry about my overactive lifestyle. But I'm afraid it's going to catch up with me some day.
B: You would feel a lot more relaxed if you took a short afternoon nap once in a while.

A: Would you mind if I asked you some advice? I'm considering getting married next month.
S: I hope you're not thinking of marrying Karl Woodruff. He's rich but he's not very nice. You would be miserable together.
A: If I married Karl Woodruff, would I be making a terrible mistake?
B: Yes. To tell the truth, I wouldn't marry that idiot if I were you. If you looked around, you'd find a better boyfriend.
A: So, what kind of guy do you think I should marry? Do you have any bright ideas?
B: Yes. I think you should marry my brother Ralph. If you married him, you'd be very happy in my opinion.

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