Monday, October 1, 2012

Active or Passive?

"Two Women" Frida Kahlo, 1929

It's sometimes hard to tell if a sentence is Passive Voice or Active Voice. Look at the subject of the sentence. Is the subject doing something or receiving an action from the verb of the sentence? Try completing the following sentences. Check your answer using the drop down menu.

1. Tom has the hallway for two hours.

2. Your car isn't ready yet. It's right now.

3. "The Great Gatsby", a famous American novel by F. Scott Fitzgerald.

4. The patients about the quality of the food for about a week. We have to do something!

5. Unfortunately, your packages to the wrong address last week.

6. Maria will for the new position next week, and she's a little nervous.

7. Have all the decorations yet? The party will begin soon.

8. This wallet on the sidewalk a few minutes ago. Do you know whose it belongs too?

9. Jack his wrist while he was playing tennis.

10. Mary is a fine plumber. She a new sink and bathtub in our bathroom upstairs.

11. When the letter? We haven't received it yet.

12. Are the flowers now? I hope so because I would like to see them bloom in the spring.

13. A very good roofing company that roof next door. I think we should ask them to do ours also.

14. Stan's leg when he tried to ski down a difficult hill.

15. your yearly physical exam yet?

16. Who the telephone? I think Alexander Graham Bell invented it.

17. This composition much too quickly. There are too many mistakes.

18. Accidents don't happen. We just need to be very careful.

19 David basketball when he fell down.

20. I the TV while I was carrying it into the apartment. But fortunately, it still works.

21. Sonia a long time for the bus until it finally came.

22. Apple Computer huge profits from its new products: the Iphone and the Ipad.

23. There is a lot of computer technology that yet. It will be interesting to see what new computer technology is coming.

24. The coffee served at La Taza from Nicaragua.

25. The monkeys are making a very loud noise. I think they sound angry. yet?

26. Corn by many farmers in the State of Iowa.


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