Monday, November 5, 2012

Using the infinitive after "too" and "enough".

"Montmartre, Paris" Vincent Van Gogh, 1886

1. enough/don't/that business/money/I/to buy/have

2. were/too/to fail/in 2008/thought/banks/The government/big

3. enough/my children/This food/nutritious/to feed/isn't

4. to bring/too/This camera/large/on the trip/is

5. sleepy/my homework/too/to finish/was/last night/I

6. to the party/was/to go/too busy/Stan

7. to go skating/frozen/isn't/The lake/enough

8. to eat/hungry/a steak sandwich/I'm not/enough

9. those mountains/is/to clear/The plane/flying/too low

10. to accept/more patients/too full/The hospital/is

11. driving/enough/to pass/You're not/fast/that car

12. funny/wasn't/to make/enough/laugh/The clown/people

13. near the ceiling/air/to stay/The balloon/too much/leaked

14. ?to finish/Did/enough time/you/the exam/have

15. to go/It was/too cold/in the river/swimming

16. strong/a camel/Nobody/enough/is/to lift

17. I'm sorry. too young/alcohol/You're/to buy

18. now/into the project/to give up/energy/to give up/put/He's/too much

19. to watch/That movie/for the children/too violent/is

20. the rabbit/enough/My dog/fast/to catch/wasn't

21. isn't/to stay up/Jimmy/enough/past 12:00/old

22. ?enough time/you/have/breakfast/this morning/to eat/Did

23. Unfortunately,/tall enough/on the basketball team/to be/isn't/Mary

24. is/to drink/for me/This tea/too hot

25. to reach/short/I'm/the top shelf/too