Passive Voice Exercises

"Woman and Child Driving" by Mary Cassatt

The Passive Voice is often used in English and other languages. It places emphasis on the object which receives the action of the verb. Therefore, the object becomes the subject. The formula for a passive voice sentence is as follows: Passive Subject + be + Third Form Participle. "Be" can be in any verb tense.

Exercise A.

Please answer the following questions using the Passive Voice.

Question: Who first drew Mickey Mouse?
Answer: Mickey Mouse was first drawn by Walt Disney.

1. Who invented the airplane?

2. Who painted the Mona Lisa?

3. Who designed the first successful hang gliding wing?

4. Who composed and sang "Diamonds and Lust?"

5. Who wrote the "The Tell-Tale Heart?"

6. How are animated films made today?

7. Who directed "Star Wars?"

8. Who invented the movie projector?

9. Who produced "Snow White and The 7 Dwarfs?"

10. Who invented the sewing machine?

11. Who developed the personal computer?

12. Who designs many Oscar ceremony dresses?

13. Who hosted the 2004 Oscar ceremony?

14. Who designed the Golden Gate Bridge?

15. Who discovered the language of the bees?

Exercise B.

There are many times when the "agent of the action" is not important. Only the result is emphasized. So, you can omit the "by" phrase. In the following exercise, use the present perfect/passive to ask if a task has been completed.

1. corridors - sweep

2. garbage - take out

3. report - write

4. cars - sell

5. patients - give their medicine

6. class photograph - take

7. students' exams - correct

8. pencils - sharpen

9. paychecks - send out

10. software - update

Exercise C.

Now, write affirmative sentences to assure the questioner that the named task has been completed.

1. ballots - distribute

2. plants - water

3. the pets - feed

4. the dishes - wash

5. the car - repair

6. the piano - tune

7. the applications - fill out

8. the computers - assemble

9. the instructions - give to the new employees

10. the reservation - make

Exercise D.

The Passive Voice/Present Tense is often used to discuss where products are manufactured or where crops are grown.

Try making Passive Voice sentences out of the following.

1. Apples -- Washington

2. Good rice -- Indonesia

3. Oriental carpets -- Turkey

4. Race horses -- Kentucky

5. Clothing -- China

6. Bamboo products -- Korea

7. Coffee -- El Salvador

8. Many Movies -- Hollywood

9. A lot of corn -- Iowa

10. Computers -- Silicon Valley

11. Sporting goods -- Taiwan

12. Great wine -- Sonoma County

13. Good movies -- Embarcadero Cinema

14. Sheep -- New Zealand

15. Oil -- The Middle East

16. Diamonds -- South Africa

17. Hand woven scarves -- Guatemala

18. Fine Ceviche -- Peru

19. Cattle -- Texas

20. Leather Jackets -- Italy

Try this short exercise where you simply choose whether the sentence is active or passive.

How about you? You're students of English from around the world!
I can see by the map you're from different countries, from El Salvador to Korea. What is especially made, produced, grown, or mined in your country? You're welcome to share and I'll add it to this exercise. Use the "comment" field below.